“Pork is dirty,” replies one man

Pork is the name of the meat from a domestic pig and it is one of the most consumed meat worldwide. Although pigs are known to be dirty animals and this myth has stuck to them,as well as the fact that pork has so much old and is unhealthy making some Nigerians weary of pork.

BattaBox presenter Adeola takes us on a tour to a pig farm in Lagos, Nigeria. Where we meet Mrs Esther Akintomade who takes us on a tour of the farm and tell us one or two things about pig production.

“We mix corn and bread to make their food,” Mrs Esther says . “They eat twice a day, ” she adds.

Adeola also went out to ask Nigerians on the streets of Lagos if they eat pork, and we got interesting answers.

“i don’t like pork meat,” some Nigerians replied

But for those who love pork, Adeola asks them how they like it.

“I like pork in pepper soup and stew,”

“I like it fried,”

Watch, enjoy and drop your comments below.



“I can boil water and cook indomie,” says one guy

Women have always been know to be the ones to do all the cooking, but we have also see men who can cook and some who are professional chefs

Can a Nigerian man cook? BattaBox presenter Kayode asks Nigerian men and get hilarious answers.

“I don’t think a man has anything to do in the kitchen,” says another man

Nigerian men, what can you cook?


BattaBox LIVE SHOW discusses the Nigerian government proposal to BAN Ponmo !!

Ponmo is cow skin that we Nigerians like to cook and chop (eat!). It is a great delicacy and an important ingredient in the preparation of several stews in various cultures in Nigeria. For example, it is a core component in Edikaikong and efo riro.

But The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr. Akinwunmi Adesina, has said it may not be banned: “I am confident that the satisfactory production levels achieved in the poultry and swine segments will soon stretch to reach other commodities such as beef, dairy, micro livestock and animal by-products such as leather, bones, hides and skins.”

What do you think??

“Amala, Ewedu with Gbegiri,” says one man.

BattaBox presenter Kayode asks Nigerians – If you have to eat one Nigerian dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

“Eba with any soup,” says another guy.

Only a true Nigerian would know what delicacy he/she cannot do without.

What’s YOUR favorite Nigerian delicacy?

There’s a small island off Badagry where the booming business of one Nigeria’s natural resources is literally falling off the trees… Coconuts! And they are everywhere!

“This is a nice business!” says Tunde, a Coconut trader who has been in the business for 16 years. He comes to the island once a month to collect his coconuts.

Traders come with large lorries and pack them full of bags of the hard fruit to be traded across Nigeria.

“These coconuts come from our villages in the bush,” says the Chairman of Coconut island. “And we sell everyday… we sell to some people from the North, Yobe, Ibgoland, even Ibadan sef.”

The Badagry region, on the coast with plenty of palm trees, is perfect for the informal farming of cocnuts.

“Coconut can be used for many, many, many things,” explains the Chairman – this includes: if you drink Garri, coconut rice, coconut oil and much more.

But, despite their hard shells, the coconuts must be carefully looked after or they might crack under the hard sun or even germinate.

… and, of course, our own Odunayo must buy her own too o!

(Nigeria – Nollywood in real-life) Africa food includes chicken, turkey, beef, even bush meat are all eaten … but what about dog meat? BattaBox heads out to one roadside barbecue where they are cooking a local speciality – dog meat.

“It tastes like goat meat,” says Tunde, the Nigerian cook who has been running the business since January. “I don’t feel anyhow when I am killing the dog.”

Tunde and his friends kill the dog and then wash and clean the meat before chopping it up to put in the big pot and charcoal grill to sell for customers in Badagry, just outside of Lagos. Dog meat is most commonly eaten in Calabar and Ondo state – but, says Tunde, it is a fast becoming a national delicacy and that Badagry should “win an award” for the amount of dog meat they now eat.

(Nigeria – Nollywood in real-life) Dog meat in Nigeria is often nick-named “404” after the Peugeot 404 and the dog’s ability to run fast. Different parts of the dog are named after different parts of the car – for example, the hind leg is called the “Gear Shift” and the intestines called the “Steering Wheel.”

“Before 15 minutes plenty of people will come and rush to buy this dog meat,” says Tunde as he starts the grill.

And then the customers start arriving: “If you eat dog meat you won’t get sick says one customer as he chooses the tail.”

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are the busiest days for his business – where he can sell up to three or four dogs; in weekdays, he normally sells one a day. Tunde sells each dog for about 9000-10,000 Naira ($64).

Liek all good African food, the meat must be spiced – and Tunde cooks with ground pepper, green leave, onions, salt and maggi – sprinkled and mixed in the big pot with the freshly chopped and cleaned dog meat.

The water used to wash the dog is even used to make Eba – “It’s very delicious – you will enjoy it better pass!”
Watch the video to find out how this Africa food dish tastes when Odunayo go chop finish!