Midwife uses Calabash and Mirror for ultra-sound in Government-registered Traditional Midwife centre in Lagos... but that's not stopping their popularity. Watch Now.


Despite many Nigerian Comedy jokes - farting can be no joking matter! BattaBox heads to the streets of Lagos to ask Nigerians if they would fart in front of their loved ones?


In Yoruba - Abobaku is "The one who dies with the King" - but the Abobaku has run rather than be buried with the king... we ask Nigerians if they would run as well?!

PRESENTER - Olukayode

Everyone in Nigeria is looking for a job - whether hustling on the streets of Lagos or searching online job websites for employment. But the competition is tough o - so how do you find a job?


In Nigeria water is one of the most important need of a man to survive, but how safe and pure is the so called pure-water we drink? We go inside one of the factories...!