14 Funniest Nigerian Movie Posters

The Nigerian Movie industry is booming with hundreds of movies released every year! This means Nollywood – as the Nigerian movie industry is fondly called – makes some amazing movies, and also some terrible movies.

And every movie needs a poster to help promote it.

There are so many Nollywood movie posters printed that it’s difficult to keep track, but we’ve found some of the funniest Nigerian movie posters for your viewing pleasure. so, in no particular order:

1. the Nigerian Movie scene takes on Hollywood’s superhero franchise with SpiderGirl! We would love to see the special effects in this film…

2. Nollywood never misses an opportunity to take on the big roles, and even beat Hollywood to this film on the legendary American rapper. But we’re not sure if the main actor quite pulls off the look…

… note, the tattoos on his back (is that drawn in biro?)

3. Na wa, Nigerian movies are not known for their subtlety, but this poster pulls no punches!

4. When did Barack Obama manage to take time off his busy schedule to become a Nollywood actor?? But they got one detail right – Barack Obama did used to smoke!5. This one is an oldie, and have no idea what is going on in this poster – but it looks horrifying!

6. remember when Lady Gaga was big? Nollywood cashed in!

7. abeg, why is madam wearing cabbage leaves? And why is Adam holding the apple?!

8. sorry, but no, no, no, no, no….

9. Nollywood tells the stories of Nigerians, and a few years ago, Ebola was a big problem in West Africa. But we’re not really sure that’s Ebola…

10. abeg, see above! now below…

11. They are all definitely wearing red, but who are “mafians” ?? Spell check ooo!

12. which is which ?

13. We don’t know what is happening in this poster ooooo!

14. okay, so we said, in no particular order, but we had to save the best for last… Batman comes to save Nigeria!! (with batgirl!!)


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