15 Funniest Tweets on Nigeria’s #9jaTraders

A hilarious new hashtag has gone viral in Nigerian social media circles called #9jatraders! Hustlers and traders in Nigerian markets are notorious for their salesmanship and “gift-of-the-gist” when trying to convince customers to buy products – so Nigerians went online to have some fun at their, and the customer’s expense!

  1. abi o! 😂

2. this is a top tip, next time you try to buy shoe from a #9jatrader and he gives you nylon to try the shoe, so the size seems smaller… 3. lol! #9jatraders are especially good at making the customer feel guilty for trying to haggle low prices! 

4. hehehe so they know who will be on the Iron Throne before even the creators and writer, abi? 5. #9jatraders are also fashion connoisseurs!  6. who has not had this happen to them?!7. and fruit juice too – you never know how old that juice is…!8. na sooooo!9. ah-ha, we all know the feeling when you’re in teh market, it’s hot, you are in a hurry, so many people, and the hustle is toooo much o10. so many on shoes, but we keep coming back for more shoes, don’t we ladies!

11. LOL! Or following customer who didn’t pay… 12. Computer Village get’s us everytime…13. #9jatraders will gist you anything and everything to get you to spend your money in the Nigerian market, but remember – they’re in business for the money, whatever they might tell you 😜14. we see am ooo!15. and one for the traders and all their own wahala with terrible customers…

What’s your funniest #9jatrader story? Gist us in the comments!

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