A big wedding or big honeymoon??

Hi guys, today we are hitting you with something more romantic. It has been a debate on which a couple will prefer, a big celebration on their wedding day or a big celebration alone with your partner during honeymoon. Join us!

A big wedding party is what most people will always wish to have when they want to celebrate their union with their spouse. Same also goes with the honeymoon celebration. The debate still balls down to that finance but let’s see it this way; if you are on a hot sit to choose just one, which will you go for?

You will find it that some ladies will find it oppressing so as to beat their friends and family and so are the men. They just have the competitive spirit in them to beat their someone, one way or the other. This emotion can be an unconscious or conscious act and are most times influenced by some pictures or videos they did come across on a wedding magazine, social media, television and so on.

Will this goes on, you will also find those partners who do not really care about how big the wedding or the honeymoon celebration is. They just want a successful union with peace and harmony. That brings us to a question; is there anything like a peaceful marriage, or the couple are just trying to live and accommodate each other? That’s another topic for another day.


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