A wife or mother – who comes first?

Who comes first in a man’s life – a wife or a mother? It’s an age old question and BattaBox hits the streets of Nigeria to find out.

A man’s mother gave birth and raised him, provided love and a family to protect him. However, a man chooses his wife, she is supposed to be his soulmate, and she is often the mother of his own children. However, who comes first in the man’s life? Often the wrong choice can lead to an unhappy family and home.

“A happy wife is equal to a happy home, because the man is no longer living with the parents. So if you don’t make your wife happy, then it will not be a happy home,” says one young Nigerian woman.

“The mother should not be neglected, because without the mother he would not even have a wife or children of his own. The man’s mother is the most important in his life,” says another Nigerian.

Who do you think should come first in a man’s life – his wife or mother?

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