How To Add Spice To A Boring Relationship!

There are many reasons why relations with your partner might become boring, especially after many years. So BattaBox goes on the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to ask – what are the reasons a relationship might become boring, and how can you add some spice to get the spark back with your partner.

There appear to be many reasons a relationship becomes a bit stale and boring – including mis-understanding, a lack of passion and sex, or maybe even financial issues.

And Nigerians have plenty of solutions to add some spark into the relationship, including talking through the issues, playing pranks, spending some money on your partner, or even finding a “side-chick”!

“If the husband does not take care inside the house, inside the bedroom, then the relationship can become boring,” says on Lagos trader. “But women must also learn how to satisfy their husband.”

“Money! If the guy gives me money constantly, then the relationship will not be boring,” says one young Nigerian girl.

Ways we’ve found to spice up your relationship if it becomes boring include: give long hugs – physical contact, send love messages, be honest and tell your partner what you want, be unpredictable, get back to basics and go on a date, compliment your partner on their looks, be attentive!

Why do you think a relationship becomes boring? And what can be done to spice it up?

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