Exclusive: MERCY JOHNSON – “Na true Nollywood Star!”

She is one of the biggest Nollywood actresses,the most searched for Nigerian celebrity on Google, and a true Diva with a host of awards to her name… and Adeola caught up with her and her family as she donates to a local Lagos charity:

“This is the gallant Mama, when you talk about gallant babe – she’s right here!” says Adeola.

“My celebrity is already made!” laughs Mercy as Adeola compares her own rising star.

Today she is taking a tour and donating food and goods to the Lagos Correctional Centre for Boys… with her husband and baby girl – Purity!

“Purity eats very well and is the reason why we are working hard!” says Mercy.

Mercy Johnson Shola is made her acting debut in “The Maid” and has since starred in over 60 Nigerian movies. In 2012, it was announced she had delivered a baby girl in the United States and won Best Actress Award for her role in the Nollywood film: “Dumebi The Dirty Girl.”

But she also carries out often little-publicised charity work – “It is something we are very passionate about,” Mercy explains. Her charity is called – The Mercy Johnson Foundation for Children and Widows.

And on to more personal matters – she claims not to hang out in Lagos with too much to do am home – “I am not a very social person!” she laughs.

Her favourite food – “Black Soup!”

And a final word from Adeola – “We love Mercy Johnson!”

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