Presenter: Adeola


Does Nigeria’s Aso Rock have Spiritual Powers?

Nigeria's Aso Rock is one of the most famous landmarks in Nigeria, but does it have spiritual powers?

Funniest 8 Tweets – Rats Chase President Buhari

Nigeria's President Buhari has returned home after 3 months medical leave in London, only to be chased out of his official office in Aso Rock by rats!

AMAZING: BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad Surprise Family Of 8!!!

In this emotional episode of BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad, we surprised the Adeyemi's, a family of 8, by completely renovating their home!!

Should The Nigerian Government Increase The Minimum Wage?

Should the Nigerian government increase the minimum wage? Watch the informative video to find out!

Do You Know The Different Types Of Contraception?

Do YOU know the different types of contraception? Watch the video to find out!

How To Get A Job In Nigeria

Are you unemployed? Are you struggling to find a job in the current recession in Nigeria? Then this video is for YOU.

What Football Team Should Adeola Support?

Should Adeola support Manchester United or Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham???? Watch the video to find out!

Is It Difficult To Be Faithful In A Relationship?

Do you find it difficult to be faithful when you're in a relationship? Watch the video to find out how others feel.

HILARIOUS: The Pros and Cons of Public Transport in Nigeria

Are you visiting Nigeria for the first time? Here are the pros and cons of the different modes of public transport in Nigeria...

Mama Put Chronicles: Episode 3

In this Mama Put Episode Adeola reviews Equal Rights bukka. Watch the HILARIOUS video to decide whether to chop or not!!

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