Alcoholic or Sex Addict – who is better for marriage??

If you had no other choice, would you choose an alcoholic or sex addict to marry?

Fluorin YP has gone to UNILAG in Lagos to ask Nigerian students which would they pick – an alcoholic or a sex addict? We get plenty of laughs.

“I would go for the sex addict, because at least you can manage that – and not be having problem on the streets,” said one

“I would prefer an alcoholic,” says one woman. “I believe I can control it.”

“I choose the sex addict because I like sex, anytime, any place,” laughs one Nigerian student. “Even now or even in the kitchen.”

Sex addiction means the person has an uncontrollable compulsion to have sex, even if there are serious and bad consequences. Alcoholism means a person has a drinking problem that can lead to behavioural, physical, and mental problems. While many people laugh our question, the issue of addiction is an extremely serious one, and can have serious impact on peoples lives.

Which do you think is better for marriage – an alcoholic or sex addict?


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