Are Nigerian Tribal Marks beautiful?

The traditional tribal marks are such memorable and recognized part of the history of Nigeria and some parts of Africa. At the point in time when the country, Nigeria was still space where the white people have spotted so as for them to colonize the people living in the region back then in the early 90s. In today’s BattaBox Native video, we are featuring to Kehinde, a young model who comes from a family where tribal mark laceration is commonly practiced as a means of identification of members of the king’s lineage.

The Tribal marks in all tribes of Nigeria are marks which are specifically marked on the faces and bodies differently of the people of each tribe as a means of identification and beautification of the body.

Kehinde Jimoh Shakirat has been a part of this practice and she mentioned that she has challenges about it but she is not bothered about it compared to some other people who see this as an issue. She use to be a model but now she sells drug in a pharmacy close to her home. She have heard people call her names like Oko-ila meaning someone with a tribal mark (in an abusive manner) but she seem not to be bothered.