Are you jealous if your partner has a best friend of the opposite sex ???

Are you jealous if your partner has a best friend of the opposite sex???

Relationship wahala again!!! When it comes to the relationship and best friend matters, sometimes and most times things go awkward. What do you think of the topic for today? Let us know…

A relationship is a wonderful thing to behold, and experiences from it are unforgettable. It can go smooth and an soar, but it is for the people involved to maintain.

How comfortable are you going to be to allow your partner to have a best friend who is of the opposite sex? What does it mean to you to have a best friend from the opposite sex? What do you represent as an individual? Do you trust yourself and your partner to not have an affair outside your relationship? There is a lot of question to ask ourselves and we put it forward to ask the general audience. See what they said:

The first guy explained that, if his girlfriend has a guy as a best friend and the succumbs to his advances by mistake, she will have him to deal with.

The second lady said she will not be cool with it because best friend/bestie tends to fall in love with each other and she can never be cool with it.

The guy on a hoodie added an hilarious comment that, he cannot accept it because guys are made as an Android Kitkat 4.4, but girls are made to be the lollipop 5.0, marshmellow 6.0 and more advance versions. This implies that guys have minimal issues but ladies have a lot of problems! Seriously?! Humans are now compared to androids… lol…

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