Would You Give Your Bank OR Phone Password To Your Partner??

Your bank and your mobile phone are probably the most personal possessions a person owns – so, which would you give to your partner – your bank or your mobile phone password?

BattaBox presenter, Warri Pikin, hits the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to ask Nigerians if they would give their ATM code or mobile password to their boyfriend or girlfriend.

“I can only give my partner my mobile phone password,” says one young Nigerian woman. “Why would I give him my ATM card password – so he can withdraw money from my account behind my back? I trust nobody o.”

“If I tell my partner either of those two, then wahala dey o!” laughs a young trader.

“My mobile phone password – otherwise she will wreck me!” smiles one Nigerian man.

“I would have to give her my mobile phone password, not my ATM, because – yes I love my wife – but women are bad o!” says another Naija guy.

The challenge is to find out what is more important to Nigerians and what do they trust their partners with most. IF they give their ATM card – then maybe they are hiding some names and messages from other lovers on their phone. But if they give their mobile phone password, then maybe they don’t trust their partner with their money.

“If I give her my phone, the worst thing that can happen is she reads my messages and breaks up with me. But if she has my bank ATM card, she can wreck me!”

Gist us – would you give your bank or mobile phone password? And why/why not?!


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  1. why not giving her those vital information if you are sincere to yourself. it is not good to password your phone due to any emergency. for instance if you collapse,your
    nearest family can’t be contacted or to
    make an emergency call on your behalf.In the aspect of bank card why not ? if there is any genuine reason for the spending. your partner should be able to justify any spending she made from your account. trust and love move together. while lust and greedy move together

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