BattaBox Presenters Explore Important Place In Ile-Ife: Part 2


BattaBox’s Ile-Ife series continues with part 2 of Odunayo’s exciting tour of the ancient city.

“This sculpture you are seeing represents a woman called Moremi Ajansoro she is our saviour in Ile-Ife,” Odunayo is told before they move on to another tourist attraction.

“This market has been around for ages. If you look closely you will notice that the houses are very old fashioned. You can see they are selling tomato, pepper…”

“Is there a particular day of the week the market opens?” Odunayo asks.

“It opens everyday.”

“These are the women that sell Leku-Laja (rats, fish, birds…),” Odunayo’s tour guide says as he points at a market stall.

Hope you’re enjoying our Ife series! Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for watching!


  1. I really do think young people like me should be watching more interesting things like this. I find everything so good even down to the drawings. However, honestly I believe this should have a more captivating title. I don’t know about places in Nigeria other than major towns and my peers don’t know who battabox is. If you ask me, I think it should be called something like “Exploring History in Nigeria: Ile-Ife”
    (part 1 or 2).
    It sounds easily clickable for a person whos inquisitive about Nigeria and also for someone who doesn’t know about battabox.
    For us younger people in the dispora who know little history about Nigeria, this will help us a lot in finding more about the country and also about battabox.
    Please continue this series for all over Nigeria, I’m Igbo and I find this video about Yoruba land so so lovely.