SociallyAfrica Surprises Nigerians with FREE Christmas Presents!!

BattaBox teams up with SociallyAfrica to celebrate Christmas with Nigeria. Christmas is all about giving and sharing – and we’re handing out “Love Boxes” to people we meet unaware!

“This has been a big surprise to me, I’ve never had this before, and I feel very happy,” says one Lagos trader as he takes his box. “I’ve never received a gift like this before!”

Love Box is an annual project by Socially Africa focused on strengthening society and community,to grow love, lending a helping hand, and show care. During the Christmas season, Love Box gives out gifts wrapped in a box to random people in Nigeria – from street hawkers, street cleaners, construction workers, children, parents, and many more. Love Box launched in 2016, and we have given over 500 boxes to people in need, and this project has tremendously impacted lives – theirs and ours.

You can find out more about the campaign here:

Like a modern-day Santa Claus, the ladies and gentleman of Socially Africa surprise Lagosians with the boxes – “This is just a way for you to have a better day!”

“We want to start to promote a habit of giving and get people to support the cause, to volunteer their time and donations,” explains Socially Africa. “We want to surprise random people that simply are not expecting anything for Christmas.

Giving and sharing is an essential part of christmas and the smiles on everyones faces made the whole event so worthwhile. Merry Christmas!

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