BattaBox builds NEW HOME for Lawal Family

BattaBox, with the amazing support of our charity from our audience, have built a new home for the Lawal family in Nigeria.

Over Christmas, BattaBox presenter Odunayo Oti profiled the Lawal family in Lagos – to show how the very poor also celebrate the festive period. And the response from our viewers was overwhelming. Many of you got in touch via email or social media to ask – how can we help.

So BattaBox pooled all the money and charity, to build the family a new home and a sustainable future.

You can watch our first video on the Lawal family at christmas here —

Unfortunately, there is also some bad news. Since our first story on the profile of the Lawal family lost their third son, nine years-old, on the 12th January 2018, named Kazeem.

“On a Wednesday, we woke up in the morning, ate, and then by the evening my wife complained that Lawal had a high temperature. We tried cold water and paracetamol, but two days later he had died,” explains Mr Lawal.

With your charity and extra contributions from BattaBox, Odunayo Oti organised for a new house to be built, and we also bought a grinding machine for Mr Lawal, to allow him to earn a sustainable living.

The process of demolishing and rebuilding the materials of the house was relatively smooth as Lawal works in one of the major wood and carpentry centres of Lagos. Odunayo then bought the grinder and a freezer for the family, which is connected to the electricity at the local church.

And, by night time, the the new house is built and the Lawal family come and sing in thanks for their new home.

A big thank you to everyone who helped contribute to make this possible.


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  1. Hello, I’m Willie, I’m in the United States. I would love to help the family. The story is so heartbreaking, I was sad to hear Kazeem passed away. I think his brother’s name is Fatye, I’m sure I’m spelling his name wrong. I would like to help him for things he need for school clothes, books, food etc, he’s an intelligent young man. Is there a way to sponsor him, I don’t know if it’s allowed in Nigeria, I know the county has rules. Please let me know how I can maybe send money to him and his family and thank you, I’m a subscriber and really enjoy your stories.

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