BattaBox Presenters Interview Drivers Stuck In Deadly Traffic

Our BattaBox team recently took a trip to Olabisi Onabanjo University (keep watching BattaBox to see what they got up to).

On their way there and back they experienced TERRIBLE traffic!!!

In fact terrible in an understatement. They spent almost 24 hours on the road!

Instead of winging and whining they decided to go from car to car asking fellow Nigerians trapped in the traffic with them how they were coping.

Here are some of their answers…

“I’ve been to America, I’ve been to Europe, it has never happened like this before…there would be a diversion!” one angry man told Fluorin YP

“Even this water I can’t drink it…because I’m pressed!” a lady complains.

Have you ever experienced the deadly Lagos-Ibadan Expressway traffic??

How did you cope???

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Have you ever experienced the deadly Lagos-Ibadan expressway traffic before??? Please share your experience with us!
    Thanks for watching + don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!

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