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Timothy recently filmed the ‘Ghosts & Missing Bodies in Nigerian Graveyards’ story which made us wonder if people believe in ghosts. When we asked Nigerians, a young man said…”I believe and I’m a ghost”.


“Abeg give me your number…let me call you,” Timothy laughs.

You can watch the video here–> https://battabox.com/ghost-stories-nigeria-graveyards/ 

After watching the ‘When Was The last Time You Had Sex?’ video Idris asked Fluorin YP a reasonable question…”Presenter u self when was the last time you had sex?” LOL!

“That na JAMB question o…ask Google,” YP jokes.

You can watch the full video here–> https://battabox.com/when-was-the-last-time-you-had-sex/

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