Video: ONLINE shopping in Nigeria for the first time!

Online shopping in Nigeria has become big business! And BattaBox decided to try it out for ourselves…

“You can shop for anything from books to fashion, accessories, mobile devices – whatever you want to buy,” explains the Director of Public Relations at

There are numerous online shopping destinations in Nigeria that have started in the last few years – in particular, and – who are competing against each other to be the main online destination for Nigerians to do their shopping.

Our presenter Adeola tests the website ordering infrastructure by searching for and ordering a dress she has wanted for ages (not a Nyash pad!) and despite the usual challenges of electricity and traffic – the dress is successfully delivered.

Konga and Jumia both promise to deliver to anywhere in Nigeria – and you can even pay on delivery.

“You can decide if you want have the package delivered to your doorstep or to pick up from one of our drop-off points across the country,” says Konga.

Online shopping in Nigeria is already incredibly successful – with millions of dollars of foreign investment pouring in and the two online giants battling it out for internet predominance.

The Konga warehouse, based in Lagos, has shelves stacked full of goods that are gift wrapped and then delivered by bike so you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in traffic – if you are in Lagos.

“When I get home I’m going to wear that dress I’ve always wanted,” says Adeola with a smile.

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