Should Big Brother Naija Be Banned?


Big Brother Naija has come to an end and Efe Ejeba has been crowned the winner.

However many Nigerians feel that the show has lost it’s way. They are not comfortable with the sex and just “immoral” behaviour in general.

So BattaBox decided to ask Nigerians if Big Brother Naija should be banned.

Here are some of their interesting answers…

“Why should it be banned? If you want to watch it watch it. If you don’t want to watch it, don’t watch it?”

“It’s nobody’s business.”

“It’s not depicting African culture.”

“Africa still has its morals.”

“It needs to be banned!”

What do you think?

Should Big Brother Naija be banned?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Comment:My fellow nigerian don’t we think that if Nigeria should let go of Big brothers to move on with their act,
    don’t we think
    that some of our children that are watching them will put it into practibe?

  2. Comment:BBN should be banned completely because it porsses the spirit of making our young ones to lose control after watching it.