BollyLomo Learns How To Make Phone Cases


Looking for Christmas gift ideas that are made right here in Nigeria??!!

Look no further because Case Mad, a company that makes personalised mobile phone cases, may have the perfect gift for you to share with your loved ones and even treat yourself!

You can customise the plain plastic with pictures of your baby’s first steps or son’s first day at school!

You can decorate the surface with a wedding photo, a picture of your parents looking regal in their aso ebi or fun images of you and your friends living life to the fullest!

BattaBox’s BollyLomo spent this week’s ‘The Hustle’ learning the ins and outs of Case Mad…

“I know I have to make cases, I’ve never done it before. What’s the first step?” BollyLomo asks his boss for the day, Fluorin YP.

“Ok, we will firstly design the case on the laptop, after designing that’s when we print out on the heat press,” Fluorin YP explains.

If you will like to order your own Case Mad mobile phone case contact them on:

Tel:    +2347011797172  +2347060474942 +2349093895257


You can also check out their Instagram page – @casemad1 for more ideas!

Thanks for watching!