Presenter: BollyLomo


Nigeria’s Traditional Dambe Boxing

Nigeria's traditional Dambe boxing is a harsh and brutal sport, that can leave fighters toothless, broken bones, and much worse.

How to HUNT Wild Animals in Africa

Hunting wild animals in Africa is a tradition that goes back to our ancestors, so BattaBox took our cameras on a hunting trip in Nigeria.

Crazy Stories of Nigeria’s “Agbero”

Meet one of the craziest people on the streets of Nigeria - the Agbero!

Our Top 5 Favorite BattaBox Videos!

BattaBox is Nigeria Like you’ve Never Seen Before! And we've put together some of our presenter's Top 5 favorite videos out of Nigeria!

Crazy Stories from Nigeria’s “Face Me, I Face You”

Welcome to Nigeria's Face Me, I Face You, or, as it is hilariously known in Nigeria, "Face Me, I Slap You!"

Nigeria’s Headless Statue of Fela Kuti

A new statue of Nigeria's most famous musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti has been erected in Lagos - but it has no hands or head!

Amazing New Statues in Lagos!

Watch video to see the new face of Lagos statues and the hilarious names lagosians give to it!

AMAZING: BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad Surprise Family Of 8!!!

In this emotional episode of BattaBox Jumia DIY Squad, we surprised the Adeyemi's, a family of 8, by completely renovating their home!!

LOL: BollyLomo Runs Lagos Nightclub

In this week's The Hustle, BollyLomo manages Nitro nightclub for the entire night!

Where To Buy The Best Aso Oke Fabric In Lagos

Have to attend a wedding, party, funeral? Here's where to buy the best aso oke fabric in Lagos!

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