Presenter: BollyLomo

LOL: BollyLomo Runs Lagos Nightclub

In this week's The Hustle, BollyLomo manages Nitro nightclub for the entire night!

Where To Buy The Best Aso Oke Fabric In Lagos

Have to attend a wedding, party, funeral? Here's where to buy the best aso oke fabric in Lagos!

HILARIOUS: The Pros and Cons of Public Transport in Nigeria

Are you visiting Nigeria for the first time? Here are the pros and cons of the different modes of public transport in Nigeria...

Should You Return Gifts When A Relationship Ends?

When a relationship ends, should you return the things he or she bought for you? Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out what others would do!

Would You Cheat On Your Girlfriend If No One Would Find Out?

Would YOU cheat on your girlfriend/boyfriend if no one would find out? Watch the video to find out who you should avoid LOL!

Would You Leave Your Girlfriend For Money?

Watch the HILARIOUS video to find out how much Lagosians would charge to leave their girlfriends!!

MUST WATCH: BattaBox DIY Squad Completely Transform Mr Biggie’s Home!

OMG!! Watch the video to see BattaBox's Do It Yourself Squad completely TRANSFORM Mr Biggie's house!!

Nigeria’s Street Gyms

BollyLomo works out at a street gym. Watch the video to find out how much weight he lost lol.

Do Nigerian Men Marry For Love?

Do Nigerian men marry for love or other reasons? Watch the video to find out.

HILARIOUS: Housekeeper Bolly Scrubs Hotel Toilets!

Watch BollyLomo sweep floors, scrub toilets and much much more, in this week's episode of The Hustle at the Wheatbaker Hotel in Lagos.

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