Buhari’s first 100 Days – Nigerians Speak Out!

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has finished his first 100 days and on the streets across Nigeria, people are debating whether his administration is a success or not. Has Buhari begun to deliver the change he promised in his campaign.

“For Buhari’s first 100 days – he has not done anything,” says one woman.

“To me, he has performed wonderfully. I give him kudos,” argues another man.

Controversy has trailed Buhari’s first 100 days in power. Many promises Nigerians heard during the election campaign have been denied by the Presidency and APC, and the enthusiasm with which Buhari’s coming to power was greeted has now been met with some skepticism – even nick-naming the President “Baba Go-Slow”.

However, APC and Buhari say the mess they inherited is so bad – that it will take time to set right.

“People say he is slow, but I believe in slow and steady,” says one guy.

The main focus of Buhari’s administration so far appears to be tackling the threat of Boko Haram and also corruption. With new appointments in the Nigerian military and plans to prosecute former politicians who stole money.

“Buhari is a man who does not tolerate corruption,” says one man.

But others disagree:

“We hear about fight against corruption, so many fights against… but so far nothing has come to fruition.”

Gist us – what do you think of Buhari’s first 100 days in power?

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