Would You Burn Your Degree Certificate For $50m??

Every year a new set of bright and determined Nigerian graduates flood Nigeria’s workforce. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, architects… join companies either in the field they studied at school or as something totally different but with their qualifications still safely tucked away for a rainy day.

Now we all know, and if you don’t now you do, that getting an education in Nigeria is not as easy as it is in many other countries around the world.

Not only do degrees at Nigerian universities take a long time, other factors such as strikes tend to disrupt the academic schedule and many students find that what was meant to take four or five years ends up taking seven or even eight!

So you may be surprised at the answers these young Nigerian graduates gave when asked…

“Would you burn your certificate for 50 million dollars?” by BattaBox’s Odunyo.

Here are a few responses…

“My brother’s first class is laying at home, no job, so if he actually gets somebody to offer him ($50 million) he won’t even remember he has a first class…he would GLADLY burn it!” one lady admits.

“No I won’t, it’s my life property. Money will finish,” one lady responds.

“Dollars or naira?” one lady clarifies.

“Dollars,” Odunayo confirms.

“Yes!” the lady answers without thinking twice, “Let me take a cab home, burn it and bring it for you!” she quickly adds.

“No, why should I? I know the stress I went though in school,” one lady says.

Would YOU burn your degree certificate, that you worked so hard to achieve, for 50 MILLION DOLLARS?

Thanks for watching!

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