The Fabulous World Of Aso-Ebi In Nigeria


When you think of planning a Nigerian wedding or a party, the first thing that comes to mind  is showcasing the Nigerian culture with gorgeous Aso-Ebi styles and flamboyant colors. Although the Aso-Ebi concept started from Nigeria,many African countries have started to embrace it.

“Aso-ebi makes your event colorful and gives guests a sense of belonging”

Battabox presenter Odunayo speaks to a fabric merchant in Lagos, Nike Atobatele , the CEO of VOS Fabrics who speaks extensively one Aso-Ebi and why Nigerians are so obsessed with it.

“What is in vogue now is tulle lace,” says Nike “A lot of people come to ask for this,” she continues as she shows Odunayo a really beautiful lace fabric

But the major challenge in picking out the perfect Asoebi lies in the variety of styles and colors one has to select from.

“If you want to wear ankara and you don’t want plain ankara, you can go for this,” says Nike

VOS Fabrics has some really beautiful exclusive fabrics like french lace, tulle lace, swizz lace etc and specially made Ankara materials.

For your exclusive Aso-Ebi find Vos Fabrics on 54 Opebi Road Ikeja Lagos, or contact VOS Fabrics Facebook or Instagram @vosfabrics.

Watch and enjoy!