Campus Torch Finds Jobs For Nigerian Students!

Campus Torch is an organisation that helps Nigerian students find jobs before they have even graduated!

Campus Torch connects Nigerian students with employers that can hire, train and teach them the skills they need to make it in the workplace.

Campus Torch basically bridges the gap from school to work by creating a smooth transition for students.

BattaBox met up with the founders at one of their events at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Here is some of the useful information they shared with us…

“The main problem students have is that they don’t see themselves as being exceptional so the talk brings them out of their comfort zone and makes them exceptional in their studies.”

“There are a number of organisations in Nigeria that train students and introduce them to different organisations that can employ them even as a student…so we are here to introduce all that to the students…so that once they are done with their NYSC they don’t start going all around,” Fluorin YP is told.

The event was not just about learning. It also gave students the opportunity to showcase their talents!

You can contact Campus Torch via the following:

Tel: +2348183948338
Social Media: @campustorch
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  1. Are you a student? Do you need a job? Get in touch with Campus Torch!
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  2. I am a student and i need a career job that will help me to develop my skills and for the growth organisation as well. Am currently studying Statistics at Federal Polytechnic Nasarawa.

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