Can a woman pay the bill on a date in Nigeria?

Can a woman pay the bill on a date in Nigeria, a country where expectations of men and women in society is still very strong. BattaBox finds out.

Who pays the bill – the man or the woman – is a controversial question across the world, but it’s something you definitely don’t want to get wrong as the date finishes, you like the girl, and the waiter brings the bill.

“On a normal day, the guy is supposed to pay,” says one Nigerian woman.

“We still have the African mentality and need to play the big guy,” says one young man. “But it’s about respect.”

“I’m the one who will pay, no matter how much the bill is, because I’m the one taking the woman out,” says one young guy.

Protocol is changing rapidly in urban centres of Nigeria and opinions are certainly split between whether the man or woman pays, or you can share the bill at the end of the date

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