Can You Date A Guy Who Earns $100 Monthly ??

Can you date or marry a guy that earns $100 monthly? This is the gist our BattaBox presenter asks people on the streets of Lagos – with some crazy answers!

Today’s Vox pop has been targeted at addressing and doing a survey considering the state of the economy if a lady can marry a guy who earns $100 which can barely take care of personal needs in comparison with when you are into a relationship with someone.

It is a known fact that we all want a good future for ourselves and spouse, so we headed out to know what people think about their spouse income. Could the income rate earned by your spouse be a determinant of whether the relationship will go on, be broken or even started if at all?

“I earn more than 50k, so I can’t even date someone that earns 50k”, someone said.

So we ask you, can you date someone who earns $100 monthly! Gist us in the comments section!


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  1. Absolutely mismanagements administration have totally destroyed standard living for ordinary citizens I feel bad for the level of suffering no matter how much you earning per month while those prodigalizim politicians daily looting treasury sending abroad for banking and properties building another nation economy while their country dying in poverty shithole my advice to ordinary citizens to keep away tribalism or religion correctness ,and fight for their benefit living God bless with one mind in corporation

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