Relationships are hard and so is raising children, so unfortunately some single mothers find it difficult to find a partner other than the father of their child.

There are so many reasons some single mother’s find a new relationship challenging…

Some men don’t want to be responsible for another man’s child, some consider the woman to be carrying too much ‘baggage’ and want someone to start a family with, not someone that already has one of her own. ┬áThere are loads of reasons that many single mothers find it difficult to find love after having children but today BattaBox wants to be optimistic and ask Nigerians if they believe it is possible for single mums to find love again. Fingers crossed that they do!

Here is what some Nigerians had to say…

“There’s nothing impossible for God to do. If God is interested in their case, he can provide another person for them,” one lady laughs.

“Yes…but it depends on her age,” a woman says.

“It works better if the man knows at an early stage,” one man says.

“Yes they can if they position themselves and they have a plan,” another lady answers.

“It’s very possible. Mixing with people, going out…” another lady tells Odun.

Do YOU think single mums can find love again?

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  1. What do YOU think? Can single mums find love again?
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    • Yes They Can Find Love Again. I Prefered To Marry A Laday That Had A Child Before Than To Marry All Those Dat Had Sold Their Dignity In Name Of Fashion Or Naked, At Least Know Dat Her Womb Is Fertile Or Alive