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BattaBox presenter Odunayo visits spoke to Professor Michael kehinde, a doctor who treats sickle cell patients at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, some people living with sickle cell.
BattaBox presenter Mary ask some Africans in London - Is there African Time In London? this rough economy, people need extra financial help for their businesses to boom. But how easy is it to get a Bank loan in Nigeria?"The banking system is not very encouraging," laments one womanBattaBox in conjunction with Page... are lots of talented children in Nigeria who are unable to achieve their dreams due to lack of funding. A group of people in New York have come together to raise money for children in Nigeria in a...
BattaBox presenter Odunayo asks Nigerians in Lagos - Who is responsible for Family Planning? The husband or the wife?
Today on The Hustle, BollyLomo decides to experience what it feels like to be a street vendor. He sells coconut chips, rat poison, rat gum and even worked as a windscreen wiper.