The Cheapest Foods To Eat In Nigeria’s Recession!

The country is in a period of temporary economic decline which has drastically affected the lives of every Nigerian one way or other (too much grammar bah). RECESSION! is the word for Nigerians today as the economy is far from friendly, Cooking is almost impossible as the price of gas and kerosene is way beyond normal.

We over here have decided to give you a list of Naija food to survive on, So that you can continue your other projects without using money for land and block to eat, Man must Survive.

Here is our List for Survival 

1. BEANS AND BREAD: You need a bit of Protein and carbohydrate, lol. Start your day with Beans (ewa agoyin is a plus) and bread and your day with be blessed with just the need to drink water. This meals is filling, i find it as one of the few mouthwatering blessings the country has. TESTED & CONFIRMED!.

With N250, you are good to go.

2. PAP AND AKARA: If you are a liquid lover, pap aka ogi/akamu with either sugar or honey (milk is a plus) alongside mouth savoring Akara is your best bet. Well garnished fried Akara crushing in your mouth is always spectacular feel and this meal is just pocket saving N200 oo.

With this skilled hand. I doubt Akara can ever go wrong.

3. GARRI AND FRIED FISH: This sensational combo is one of a proper Naija person meal and its relevance in this recession is epic. With just N250 a well seasoned fried fish, Ijebu garri and cold water to cool your entire mind, body and soul can be purchased.

Whoever came up with this combo, should be given a ticket to heaven.

4. TAPIOCA AND MILK: This is one of the very few meals that recession has got absolutely nothing on. This mouth crushing liquid is served at affordable N200 with diced coconut and milk.

5. MOI MOI: There is something about this meal that gets Naija going. It goes with almost anything, ranging from jollof rice to fried rice to pap to tapioca to garri even bread. This beans meal wrapped in leaves is just N100.

6. BOLE AND FISH: Roadside roasted plantain and fish sauce. This is another affordable Naija heavenly meal. Bole and fish is a special meal i must say, if you have not tried it permit to say you are not a proper Naija breed. Forget recession, with just N300 or less this meal is a food for the soul. LOL Don’t forget bole goes with groundnut and also kpomo sauce.

7. FRIED YAM: This is suppose to pass a snack on the go, but with a combination of fried yam, dodo(fried plantain), dundun(fried sweet potato), puff puff with sauce as toppings, oh lawhd. This is a one time belle full meal and guess what! you can have all this combo with just N200.

8.  ABACHA: Abacha aka African Salad is one of Naija sensational nutritious meal that is super affordable. With less than N250 you have this sumptuous meal ready to devour. catch a seller and you have to your self all the needed nutrients after purchase.


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