Cheques Presented For “Made In Nigeria” Products in Lagos

Nigeria’s Lagos state presents cheques to the beneficiaries of the new loan scheme for “Made In Nigeria” products.

“The money is for my business,” says Obanigbo Oladapo, one of the beneficiaries of the scheme. “I saw it and applied, adn I give god glory for this opportunity.”

“I want the money for my studio, to set up my studio and buy equipment I need,” laughs Sunmisola, one of the beneficiaries of the Trust Fund scheme.

Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode sets out with a new initiative “Lagos State Employment Trust Fund” to give loans to the people of Lagos to promote their Made in Nigeria Products.

LSETF promotes their beneficiaries at the The African Foods, Products & Services Conference and Exhibition Organized by the Nigerian-American Chamber of Commerce (NACC).

The Trust Fund is dispersing 25 billion Naira over a four year period.

“Unemployment i a major problem in this country,” says Kunle Adeshina. “And this Lagos state administration has decided to tackle it head on.”

You can know get loans to fund your made in Nigeria products by the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund. Visit their website or office to learn about the requirement to bring your MADE IN NIGERIA business/idea to reality –



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