How to cook ABACHA in Nigeria

Abacha is one of the most popular food dishes in Nigeria’s Igboland, prepared with many ingredients, so BattaBox shows how to cook the Abacha dish, Nigeria-style.

Abacha is one of the most delicious Nigerian dish you will find in the eastern part of Nigeria. This food is a mixture of processed cassava, vegetable, ugba, utazi, garden egg, fish, goat meat, Cameroon pepper, crayfish & onion.

For our love of creating exciting content for your consumption, we bring you Abacha on food arena today with Warripikin.
Warripikin has taken to another part of Lagos to locate the next cook for the abacha quest and he found Miss Odinaka, the lady who makes the delicious Abacha as seen in the video. Odinaka is an open lady who was really helpful and made our filming much more easier as she explained and told us everything that we needed to know.

She took us through the process of cutting the cassava, washing it till clean and also mentioned that, the water used to clean shouldn’t be thrown away, as starch can be derived from it when it settles.

“If you are trying to prove you can slice the cassava, the slicer will cut you”, she said.

From slicing, it was moved from boiling, cooling and extra time to wash more to wash away excess acidity and starch. During the process of continuous preparation where he saw “Ugba” while discussing with Odinaka, he asked her what it is used for and how it can consumed. Coincidently, Warripikin meet Odinaka’s mother, it struck him to ask what the ugba can be used for apart from being a part of Abacha spice and she said it can be used as part of the bridal items in the eastern part of Nigeria.

It went on to the slicing of vegetable, frying pepper, fish, meat, dicing the onion, and other means necessary. Take your time to watch this video and feel free to salivate.

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