Crazy Stories From Inside Buses in Nigeria!

BattaBox presenters sit down to tell their stories of when they enter a bus in Nigeria and the funniest, saddest, and craziest things that happened to them.

“The conductor is the president, and you are just a citizen of the bus,” explains BollyLomo. “The worst thing that can happen is they kidnap you – one chance bus! – and if they kidnap you, jesus is lord!”

“If you want to get to know about christianity – when someone shouts “Jesus is Lord!” – or if you want to buy condom or Abgo they always do advertisement in the bus, or if you want to do gossip, gossip will in Nigerian buses!”

“When you give the conductor N1000, and you don’t have change, and you ask the bus conductor for change he will say you don’t have respect, that he doesn’t blame you, and call you a prostitute!” explains Adeola. “People are very mean on the bus.”

“There was a day I was coming from an office when Oshodi was still old Oshodi and these boy stole my phone and new clothes!” says Odunayo.

“As I dey enter bus, two guys follow me enter, one dey each side and I sit down for middle. Dem read newspaper for sport and me myself I dey look. The other guy put heavy bag for my lap but I no observe. But my phone dey there. I argue, I argue with the guy with the newspaper about sport, and as we dey argue, I don’t know how dem say komot my phone,” says Warri Pikin with a shake of his head. “Me I just sit down there like goat.”

“If you’re thinking of entering a bus in Nigeria, is has its great sides and its other sides!” says BollyLomo. “Sometimes you meet some of the most amazing people.”

What are your craziest stories from inside Nigerian buses? Gist us in the comments below!


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