Crazy Stories from Nigeria’s “Face Me, I Face You”

Welcome to Nigeria’s Face Me, I Face You, or, as it is hilariously known in Nigeria, “Face Me, I Slap You!”

“You have dramas, you have excitement, you have heart aches, you have disappointments – in Nigeria’s Face Me, I Face You rooms,” explains Ebenezer, our BattaBox editor.

Nigeria’s notorious “Face Me, I Face You” is slang for cheap rooms in housing estates, commonly a series of rooms facing each other joined by one corridor, toilet, bathroom, and kitchen.

In today’s video, BattaBox continues our “Stories” series to give you the highs and lows of life in shared, cheap accommodation in Lagos.

“When you wake up at 4.30am, maybe there is no water ion your area, so you go and fetch water, and then you must queue for bathroom,” laughs Warri Pekin, our BattaBox presenter. “Queue dey for toilet, queue dey for bedroom!”

“When I was in Face Me, I Face You, there was no such thing as being a fine girl,” explains Folly. “I had to show myself, and show the hustle, enter toilet, and do everything sharp sharp, no wasting of time.”

“You get the dirtiest people, the nosiest people invading your privacy,” explains Folly, our BattaBox presenter. “They will borrow all the things you have in the house!”

But despite all the problems, there are also many opportunities to living in Face Me, I Face You – you can borrow matches or gas for cooking if you have run out, it’s easy to make friends, they are also cheap, and often in a good locations in the city.

Have you ever lived in a Face Me, I Face You ? What was your experience – do you have any funny or crazy stories to tell? Gist us in the comments.

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