Crazy Stories of Nigeria’s “Agbero”

Meet one of the craziest people on the streets of Nigeria – the Agbero!

The name Agbero means tout, or Area Boy, or a young man loosely organised into a street gang, often found hanging around motorparks or under bridges. They are accused of extorting money, working as conductors on buses and danfos, performing odd jobs for money, and notorious for taking drugs.

One of the most interesting people in Nigeria are the “Agbero” and BattaBox presenters tell their stories of Nigeria’s Agberos.

The first thing is the raspy voice and abrupt greetings Agbero use, often flattering but also mocking at the same time!

“When an Agbero wants to hail you, they hail you like you are the president,” laughs BattaBox presenter BollyLomo. “If you are ugly, they will change your character for you – Fine Boy! Chris Brown! Twale Baba!”

Next, Nigeria’s Agberos are notorious for their particular manner of pricing their tasks and negotiating for money. They have their own way to fold money, to praise you, If they are a conductor on a danfo, or simply carrying some goods, or extorting you for some easy cash on the roadside – you will know when its an Agbero.

Other peculiar, funny habits of Agbero include never brushing their teeth, but taking lots of herbal drinks, like Agbo Gedi, swish it round their mouth, all to give them “power!” And they need all the power they can get, because they may be ugly boys, but they always get the most beautiful girls, and always, at least, four girlfriends.

“Beautiful girl, how far, I want to be with you!” is one such common chat up line from Lagos Area Boys. “Before Thunder will kill your mother.”

“Happy, angry, sad, upset, love, the voice tone of a Lagos Agbero never changes. The tone will remain the same, but the wording will change,” explains BollyLomo.

And the reason of life for Agbero is “to collect money and add something small!” and they have plenty of ways of getting your attention and frustrating you to collect anything in your hand. But they are not thief o – they are working!

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