See the SHOCKING state of a village with Oil in Nigeria

Nigeria is tagged as one of the highest oil producing state, of which Delta state is one of the leading oil producing region in the country. One would think these oil drilling communities would be most catered for in terms of basic amenities and social infrastructures. Such is not the case of Omadino community in Warri South local government in Delta State.

“We don’t have jobs because the jobs, they share it to their girlfriend and to other people”

Chekwube hits Omadino community which brags as the highest oil producing community in the state and finds out the community not only suffers from intense environmental pollution as a result of oil spillage but is also left in the hazardous condition. Don’t forget to like, comment and share this video.

“Because of hunger the youth fight sometimes, because wetin the leader suppose give them, dey no get am” said a lady.


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  1. The prospecting companies (they represent govt of colonial ẹra), must come up with the full rehabilitation and regeneration of the entire affected areas, no squabbling, no questions asked, if same was applicable to the gulf of new Mexico spillage during the Obama years, same is applicable here, EOD.

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