Who Lie Pass – Man or Woman??

According to BattaBox’s extensive, unofficial research in the office – relationships break because of either the man or the woman. And so, we wanted to find out – who do Nigerians think lies more than the others – men or women?

“Men lie pass when they want to promise women heaven and earth!” says one Lagos guy.

In the dictionary a lie is defined as an intentionally false statement, and we can imagine plenty of reasons why a guy or girl might want to lie in a relationship… maybe for money, or about being unfaithful, or small lies about how your partner looks today… not that it’s good to lie o!

“50 – 50!” says one young Lagos girl. “Woman dey lie, and men dey lie!”

“Men dey lie pass!” says another young woman. “Men lie big time!”

“Men lie more than women, because women don’t like the truth!”

But, we prefer one of the answers that does not put blame on anybody! See this wise word of wisdom – a true Nigerian proverb:

“Lie does not have a gender!”


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  1. It’s common to both sex, men and women lie but a woman can easily say the truth because they are very emotional but a man can keep a truth till death. Let’s look at these example. There was a man who has another child with another woman till the day he was dieing that he told his wife about the child. Men can keep lie for decades….. Thanks

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