LOL! The Different Types Of Prostitutes In Nigeria!

Prostitutes in Nigeria have different levels and come with different names and tactics – so BattaBox wanted to find out what are the differences between the various names for prostitutes in Nigeria.

For example, some of the names include: hoe, runs girl, olosho, prostitute. BattaBox presenter YP went onto streets of Lagos to find out!

“A hoe is a cheap girl, she costs maybe 500 Naira or you just buy them drinks,” explains one young man.

“Olosho are sex workers, who sell their body for money, sex for money,” explains a young girl.

“Runs girls are girls who sell themselves for money, but they are more expensive,” says another Lagos trader.

Olosho is a Yoruba word for prostitute, Runs Girls are typically girls at university who will use their body for favours, and a prostitute is a woman who is a professional sex worker.

Prostitution is illegal in Nigeria under sections 223, 224, and 225 of the Nigerian Criminal Code, and under Sharia law in the north. However, law enforcement against prostitution rarely strongly enforced and, if you want it, it’s not difficult to find.

On Wikipedia, a survey is quoted as saying roughly 63% of prostitutes in Nigeria started work before 19 years old, and 99% of the girls are not in a relationship. Many Nigerian girls travel to the city or even travel abroad to places like Italy to work as prostitutes.

However, one Nigerian woman we asked, says there are no levels between prostitutes in Nigeria:

“The fact is every lady is a prostitute – we all have boyfriends and dates, including how husbands – so you’re not saying a lady will not have slept with four to five men.”

“The two words say so much in the negative – there is no difference. You won’t call anyone a hoe or Olosoho or runs girl and they will be happy,” says another Lagos guy,

What do you think are the differences between the different names for prostitutes in Nigeria?


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    • There differences lies in the nature of the work they do.for example the three types of prostitution mentioned above has different functions and not be misinterpreted

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