Dirty Lagos: How a city gets filled with rubbish

The situation of Lagos as a megacity in terms of cleanliness of its environment, as gone from good to worse in recent times. What is the problem of this presumed Megacity? Is it its people or the government? Watch and Let’s find out.

Dirty Lagos is a documentary of Lagos, Nigeria, as an eye-opener not to spoil the image of Lagos state but to seek people’s opinion of what they think and how it can be made better. Should we call the city, Lagos or Dirty Lagos?

There are various megastructures in lagos and one can say that Lagos is driving to become a megacity, which is sure the dreams of the citizens. It has become an eminent problem the problem of waste lying at every corner of the city. Shouldn’t lagos by now, be rank in top one of the fastest growing city? A lot is been put to question the maintenance of Lagos city by the people living in it and the government on what went wrong and we had some view from the residents about the issue. Watch this video to the end as we have in the video, the ISSUES, AND SOLUTION to the situation.

Kindly share your comments about what to do about all the rubbish in the comment section to let us know what you think the issue is, and how it can be tackled. Thank you for watching!!!

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