How to eat Goats Head in Nigeria

Goats Head, or Isi Ewu, is one of Nigeria’s most special delicacies in Nigerian food. BattaBox shows you how to prepare, cook, and eat Goats Head.

The Isi Ewu dish, or Nkwobi, is from the South East part of Nigeria, and the first step is to go to the market to buy the goat or mpki. Quick cooking tip: a female goat takes longer to cook than male goats. The market seller explains how the dish is so popular that he can sell up to 100 goats heads a day.

Buy the goat, shave the hair, cut the entrails out, and buy the pepper and vegetables, maggi, ugba, crayfish, onion, garlic, ginger, and utazi. You then scrape the head clean and boil it. You then begin to prepare and cook all the ingredients as we explain in the video.

We hope you enjoy your dish of Isi Ewu and Goats Head – one of our most special Nigerian food dishes.

We know you are wondering what “isi~ewu” means, it means “goat head”. Just because we love to serve you with original Nigeria content as usual, we had a poll about what you will like to watch on our upcoming food story sometimes back, and isi~ewu (goat head) won the poll amongst other options.

Warripikin therefore went on a mission to create this story on the food arena segment, and this time we featured a gentleman whose name is Chinamere A.K.A “Nkwobi Special”. And he assisted us in getting this story to a successful point.

Warripikin and Chinamere kicked off by taking us to the market where they got the isi~ewu and its ingredient.

They went on to stylishly teach us the lagos style of pricing sef, and they further discussed which sex of goat is best when it comes to preparing this Isi~ewu. Our interviewee, Chinamere explained that, using a female goat head takes a lot of time to cook compared to a male goat head which takes lesser time. They both went on to cook, eat and share with something the night life loves. Guess that!

Isi~ewu is one of the food that got its origin from the Eastern part of Nigeria and is commonly consumed with alcoholic beverages like palmwine, beer and so on. And Nkwobu is a usually “snack” when you talk about the nightlife in Nigeria especially a place like Lagos.

Now that we found out the best way to prepare, spice and eat Isi~ewu, and stylishly shown you how to converse with the meat seller whenever you are in Nigeria, how will you prepare yours? Tell us!!!


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