FAQ for BattaBox

What is BattaBox?

Please check out our “ABOUT” page to find out all about BattaBox and the team – plus a video!

Where is BattaBox?

BattaBox is based in Lagos, Nigeria and London, UK.

How do you contact the BattaBox team?

Just head over to our “CONTACT” page and send us an email about anything!

Can you advertise on BattaBox?

Yes – we have lots of options for sponsorhip & advertising for Business. Please check out our “ADVERTISE” page.

Does BattaBox provide Production Services?

Yes – we have all the equipment, skills and experience for all kinds of video production. Please click on our “PRODUCTION SERVICES” to find more information, or just get in “CONTACT” and we’ll get right back to you.

How can you subscribe to BattaBox?

BattaBox is on all major social networks and has an emailing list – please check out our “SUBSCRIBE” page.

Does BattaBox have a Mobile or Tablet app?

We have an app for both Apple and Android – please check out our mobile app page: “MOBILE APP