FUNNY: Guess the Emoji 😁😂🤣 & actual meaning

On today’s video, we will be meeting with some Yaba College of Technology (YabaTech) students to challenge them to “Guess the Emoji”.

In the world today, we have over 20 billion mobile phone users. And since the invention of the digital devices, it has been an evolution of upgrades on everything digital especially the personal computers and mobile phones.

In this case, mobile phones which has been revolving from the day of wired communication to walkie talkie till the invention of the mobile phone which is very handy.

A lot of upgrades to the mobile phones has made possible using it so interesting. One interesting feature on the mobile phone is the Emoji which undoubtedly is one of the most thing that makes the shift from boring conversation to so exciting conversations.

Emoji has made the world of communication on mobile especially so interesting. A lot of people use the Emoji feature very frequently and most of these users do not know exactly the meaning of these emoji but use them by assumptions.

So today on “Guess the Emoji”, we will be asking students about what different Emoji means and their usage and application.

Join us on this journey! Gist us your most favourite emoji and what you think the meaning is.