Video: if you were a Nigeria pastor would you own a private jet??


(Naija Gist) Straight from the streets of Lagos – if you were a Nigeria pastor, would you own a private jet?

“You a man who is supposed to be serving the people and helping the less-privileged,” says one man. “That is your purpose here, not to live a lavish lifestyle.”

Many Nigeria pastors have caused controversy with their purchase of expensive private jets lavishly bought while the majority of their congregation struggle to survive in a country with collapsed healthcare, employment, electricity and rising poverty.

“I would rather use my money to help the less-privileged – the widows, the motherless and fatherless,” explains one woman – who quickly adds that, if the private jet were given as a gift – “I would take!”

According to Punch & Forbes, David Oyedepo, Nigeria pastor of Winner’s Chapel – one of Africa’s largest churches making him one of Africa’s wealthiest preachers – recently bought a Gulfstream V jet for US$30 million. Oyedeopo now has a private collection of four private jets.

Enoch Adeboye, Nigeria pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, spent $30million on a Gulfstream in 2009. Nigeria Pastor Sam Adeyemi, founder of Daystar Christian Center, also owns a private jet.

But it’s not just the price-tag of the private jets – it also costs hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to maintain a private jet.

Everyone agrees that, if there were a Nigeria pastor, they would not own a private jet – yet most Nigerians continue to donate to their churches and fund such exploits of their pastors.

“You own a private jet and you have people coming to your church – trekking and coming there hungry – it’s not on,” says a man shaking his head.