What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever done to impress someone?!

Everyone has probably or obviously done something to impress someone you intend to show interest in. Tell us ooo if we are wrong :-)

Frankly, someone somewhere or some how must have done something to impress you or vice versa.

So we took to the street to ask some people on Lagos street, what are the things they have done to impress someone, most especially the opposite sex. Funny enough, some fell for a prank during the process of our interview ?, and we got a lot of comments like:

“I do cook then take to school in excess then share it to everyone. And then I give it to the person I really want to take the food.”

Another person said, he also does some Chinese moves when he was young and he notices the girls say that he is strong. He then faces the bullies when the girls come to report to him, just to attract the girls :-) Isn’t that crazy enough!!! :-)

There is a time when you try to impress and it all does not work and there are times when you get lucky. there times when you tend to do too much and finally get on the wrong side. And there are also times when every move equals a step closer to winning.

So we will like to ask, what is the worst thing you have done to impress someone?


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