Nigerians have always shied away from sexual topics and conversations in public. However it doesn’t change the fact that everybody deserves somebody who makes them look forward to their next orgasm.

So BattaBox decided to send Fluorin YP to the streets of Lagos to find out from Nigerians what their ring tone is during sex.

Here are some of their answers…

“ah ahn, oh yeah”.

“Yes baby, common baby give it to me baby Don’t be stingy baby”.

“I don’t make sound”.

“aaaaaaaaahhhhhh ah”.

“I fit dey make aaahh if e pain me”.


How do YOU moan during sex?


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  1. Battabox, you started well, but you have now become an agent of satan to corrupt and normalize immorality. please stop before it is too late. The wrath of God will surely come.

  2. Lol, interesting comments from people tho, u guys sould have names of contestants tho, it’s going to be more fun knowing these people and saying hello to them on social media after your videos, and the funny babe on blue; vickior what’s her name, she was the realest, what’s her full name tho, would be nice to have her contact tho? nice work guys

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