HILARIOUS: What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment?!

We’ve all had EMBARRASSING moments.

Moments that have made us want the ground the open up and swallow us up but once time has passed and you look back, those cringeworthy moments are now quite…funny!

So BattaBox sent Fluorin YP to find out from Nigerians what their most embarrassing moment is…

“I was on a bus, I was going out and I was very pressed…I had to urinate on my body,” one lady confesses.

“The first day I tried to ask a girl out,” a young man tells YP.

“Mistakenly farted in front of some girls in class,” another man says.


What’s YOUR most embarrassing moment?

Thanks for watching!


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  1. Secondary school days. I shell(misuse) of English, I said ;you annoys me to my girl friend that was playing rough with me in the present of her friends. Though they did not take serious about it, but I felt embarrassed. Can’t easily forget that anyway.

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