Hilarious! Your “Male Organ” or Death ?!

Nigerian men, as with most men, cherish their “manhood” perhaps above all else – but above life itself?!

“I will rather die, than not to have my instrument of havoc!”

“I prefer the castration and live,” said a young man

Our BattaBox presenter – Adeola – hit the streets to ask Nigerian men if they can live without their organ or rather die…

“If i have some reasonable asset,life is worth living then.”

“Once my manhood is removed, then the person is dead already,” a young man gave the sincere answer.

“They can do it and i will be fine!” says another man.

But knowing Nigerians to be extremely religious, some men would turn to God instead…

“I’m a child of God,and i can create anything with my mouth,when am consistent with the word of God,i know how to create things”

A young lady said “if we have children before the incidence happened no problem, but if not i believe in miracles.”

Do you believe in miracles? Or which one would you choose?- Gist us!!!

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