How a baby’s first bath is done in Yorubaland

How a baby’s first bath is done in Nigeria. The cry of a newborn baby they say brings joy to every home. We love to idea of doing a baby story and decided to infuse some sort of tradition reality to spice it up. The first bath of a baby being done in this side of the world is what we are exploring on today’s story.

It is a huge belief of the people that when a baby is bathed traditional, it makes him/her stronger, cleaner and healthier according to tradition. It seems that there is a need to bath the baby of all impurities like the birth blood, Mucor and other sorts of uncleanliness off the baby’s body, which are mainly done by traditional midwives.

The first bathing and babycare also has other significance that sounds interesting like:

  • Making the baby flexible after some years of birth.
  • Helping the baby mould a beautiful body.
  • Cleansing of the babies body.
  • Helping the baby stronger.
  • The baby form a better feet to walk with and a lot more you will understand from watching this video.

What do you think of how to bathe a newborn baby in Nigeria? Do you think such babycare after birth is important?

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