How African parents discipline their children

African parents have a variety of different ways of disciplining their children – from spanking, frog jumps, or even just a roll of the eyes make sure the children behave.

BattaBox presenter YP Fluorin hits the streets of Lagos to find out the ways Africa parents discipline their children.

“When my mum wants to say – don’t do that! – she won’t say it, you get home first but she will look like this. And, she might be old, but if she runs she will catch you,” says one young Nigerian girl.

“My mum has a gentle style, but my father would catch me adn beat me well well,” said one Nigerian man.

But it’s not just spanking with hands, shoes, spoons, or brooms! Some Africa parents have special talent in not spanking, but instead using body language, such as just a simple expression or narrowing of the eyes. Other parents make their children use frog jumps or other physical punishments.

“Ah my mum gave me every type of punishment – frog jump, sit on the wall, and all those other ones – African parents can be wicked!”

How were you disciplined and made to behave by your Africa parents? Gist us in the comments below.

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